Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Display The Recycle Way

A great collection of display ideas for your shop, trade show, exhibit or home

Not only are these upcycle ideas money saving but they are unique.  Creative displays can add character to any area. Whether you are looking for ways to perk up a craft stand, a store shelf, a second hand shop, a trade show booth or just want to display your favorite collection in your home, these ideas are bound to spark some creativity!

Try to imagine using every day items to display collectables or special merchandise. The sky is the limit as to what you can use. It's easy to find discarded suitcases, cribs, ladders, wine racks, hanging baskets, drawers and other great upcycle-able items at swap shops, recycle centers, even your own home. Add a little imagination and you can have a display that will add charm and dazzle.

Upcycle ideas that are sure to be attention getters:

The old suitcase can display anything from paper goods to clothing items.  here they used a clothesline theme to hang things.  Old suitcases can add lots of charm to a vintage store or antique shop.

In this case they just drape things on the suitcase:

from a frame converted to a jewelry rack using a screen. Hinge several together and they are great space savers.

Hinged frames from

From use cork on a framed board to hold jewelry.  Charming.

Twigs!  This one is cheap and interesting for ornaments, cards, jewelry and other small items you can hang with string or hang with clips.

from A crib side.  Cribs can have a lot of uses.  Hang from the ceiling, put against a wall or put two sides together like a folding screen.  Hang linens, scarves, jewelry etc.

From another great crib idea.  Use the springs to display most anything!

From another great crib idea--use some chalkboard paint and you have a very creative changeable sign for your store or booth!  Just hinge the tops together.

From hanging rods display clothing items and accessories easily.  Simple to make from pipe or poles of any kind.  This version looks high end and streamlined.  

From Wine racks with glasses or jars.  Good for long thin items like eyeglasses, pens, etc.

From curtain rod and shower hooks a no brainer for scarves and ties.

This screen of scarves is a nice look.  Can be made from chair rungs or cribs.

From small items can easily be displayed with vintage cans or hanging wire kitchen racks. You can also stack kitchen pots, plant pots, etc in this same way using a metal or wood pole. 

This very unusual belt idea comes from  A fun way to use old handles.  Attach them to boards in a haphazard arrangement.

One of my all time favorites from vintage buttons on screws to make fun and fab hangers for jewelry, hats, purses, more

The hanging ladder has many uses. Suspend it from the ceiling,  add "s" hooks and you can hang anything from purses to pots.

From an old drying rack.  Drying racks, old or new, offer great display options.

Also from thebeehivecottage the old drying rack displays linens.  What else can you display?  Scarves, clothing, socks, bags.

From random drawers are a great way to display just hang them on a wall.  Or better yet have a table surface and drawer combo-just keep them in the furniture and open the drawers.

Lastly, from a hat tree repurposed to a display from a wrought iron decorator tree.

So, next time your looking to display something or solve a storage problem , think out of the box and rack up some savings, by repurposing something instead of buying new. 

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