Friday, September 24, 2010

Sew...You Want to Recycle

Sew simple ideas to help you reshape, remake, repurpose and refashion things for your sewing room.

There are some simple things you can do like make tables from your old sewing machines, frame doilies and vintage needle packages that bring nostalgia to a sewing room or sewing area.  Here are some irresistible ideas for organizing and decorating that will make you want to find a place for a sewing area even if you don't have one!

 Love this idea from, A used crib side makes a great holder for threads or ribbons-Just add nails!

Jars and tins make great containers for small items like buttons and pins

Utensil trays make a perfect organizer for sewing threads and other items.  There are some pretty nice vintage wooden ones out there, too

This is perfect for a guys sewing area.  A fun gift for the single male.  A truck pin cushion!  What else could you make into a pin cushion?

Here' a great idea for a portable sewing center, use a vintage suitcas, it's  attractive to display and small enough to put under a bed.

And from another suitcase version with dowels for thread or to hang things

More jars--always great for the home crafter

An old organizer--who say it needs to be just for tools?  A vintage tool box would work as a sewing kit for a the single guy, too!

Old spice rack and bottles-perfect for sewing items and baubles.

Display old laundry items...adding to the vintage clothing theme.

Frame an old sewing ad or needle packet as decoration

hang a clothesline for vintage kids clothing or works in progress from!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sit Down And Enjoy These Upcycled Chair Ideas!

There are so many ways to recycle a chair.  Painting and reupholstering are logical solutions.  But thinking out of the box, are some pretty creative artisans, who have made chairs from some of the most unusual materials.

So, put your feet up, get comfy and enjoy our selection of upcycled furniture.

From artist Artist Hughhayden The Tennis Ball Chair

From a Beer Can Chair

The Cardboard Tube Chair by Manfred-Kielnhofer.  I have seen many variations on tubefurniture--this one is pretty simple.

From studio-mama a Shipping Pallet Chair

from greenprofit The old widow shade chair (I think one of my favorites!)
Also from Bicycle Parts Chairs

Fom a Car Fender Chaise

The Annie-the-Shopping Cart Chair

And from Road Sign Chairs

From Never-Without Blogspot the Suitcase Chair 

and Old Trunk Chaise


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Green Ways to Recycle Jeans That Won't Make You Blue!

Think Blue Jean Baby!

Jeans.  We all have them.  We outgrow them and we wear them out.  We now have solutions.

That's right, we have collected a pocketful of unique ideas for upcycling and repurposing those blue jeans and making something new, affordable and fashionable!  There are a slew of patterns out there for vests, skirts, even slippers. But if you don't want to wear the jeans you sure can find other fun solutions to green the blue.

Not only are the ideas we have collected great for teens, but there are a few that you will find fit for the rest of the family and that includes the family pet and your child's much loved doll!

Button up all your valuables in this he Blue Jean Wallet from

Put it on this stylish Blue Jean Purse from

or add a little bling with this less than practical Jean Purse from

Head back to school using a Jean Pencil Case found at

and one of my favorites from The Jean Book Cover with handy pencil pouches...who wouldn't want to carry that!  Why not use sport decals, cars or trains to decorate book covers for boys!

Another cute one from is the Jeans Bib. Would be fun with decorative ribbons for boy or girls, too.

Snuggle up with that baby in this Jean Afghan..or decorate a boys room...Sew simple! 

While you are at it,  snuggle up with her doll dressed in this clever Jean Dress found at

Wrap your next gift or send your next letter in a Blue Jean Envelope also from

Perfect for the dorm or the home office the Blue jean Organizer!  Us it to hold your Blue Jean Envelopes and other supplies!  Why not that add it to boys room for shoes or toys?  From

Don't forget your cell phone?  Make a Phone Holder pouch with 2 pockets and directions from

Oh and the Blue Jean Braided Rug.  This can be  another very clever addition to that boy's room or dorm.  Also found at

Let's not forget the family pet.  The Blue Jean Pet Bed.  Cheerfully crafted with alternating colors of the Jeans. From

Lastly for the dorm or kitchen.  Two fun ideas.
From The Jean Potholder.  Tres cute with the alternating fabrics.

From The Jean Hot Pad. I have seen napkins made like this also--where you put the utensils in the pocket!  Perhaps a matching set?

Happy Upcycling! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recycled Beds Make Pet Projects

Upcycle Your Pets Palace in Style!

Repurposing is becoming an unique and challenging craft for our gardens, living spaces, so why not our pets!
That's right just one look online and I found that it's raining cats and dogs and beds for them.  Beds made of everything from flour sacks to sweater sleeves.
Here are some of my favorite picks for cute, comfy, cozy and kitchy pet beds for your abode:
recycled pet bed
The crate bed from from
computer recycled pet bed
The computer  monitor pet bed from (you could also use a tv!
recycled suitcase pet bed
The recycled suitcase pet bed from 
recycled pet bed 
The old afgan bed from
recycled pet bed 
The table pet bed from
recycled pet bed
Another version of the suitcase pet  bed from 
recycled pet bed
The recycled jeans pet bed from 

The tub bed from
 © jag