Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recycled Beds Make Pet Projects

Upcycle Your Pets Palace in Style!

Repurposing is becoming an unique and challenging craft for our gardens, living spaces, so why not our pets!
That's right just one look online and I found that it's raining cats and dogs and beds for them.  Beds made of everything from flour sacks to sweater sleeves.
Here are some of my favorite picks for cute, comfy, cozy and kitchy pet beds for your abode:
recycled pet bed
The crate bed from from
computer recycled pet bed
The computer  monitor pet bed from (you could also use a tv!
recycled suitcase pet bed
The recycled suitcase pet bed from 
recycled pet bed 
The old afgan bed from
recycled pet bed 
The table pet bed from
recycled pet bed
Another version of the suitcase pet  bed from 
recycled pet bed
The recycled jeans pet bed from 

The tub bed from
 © jag

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