Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Put Kitch In Kitchen With Vintage Kitchen Items

How to repurpose vintage kitchen items and give them new life!

From cooking utensils to trays, there are so many creative ideas out there to make a fun statement with old kitchenware.  Originally, these antique kitchen objects were created to last, and they have!  So, whether its an old pie plate,  the half of a salt or pepper set, the top of a sugar bowl, or an old tin tray, why let them land in a landfill, when they have already stood the test of time? 

Here are some fun ways to remake your mothers, aunts or grandmothers old standby into a new functioning household treasure or work of art to admire for another generation (at least!).

From Country Living--Perfect for a country home...A Magnetic Note Tray.  Makes this a lovely old tray a work of art!

Fork note holders from Very fun! Makes clutter look so neat. 

 Silverware hooks!  Old or new designs all work well.  Match your decor.  A great way to repurpose incomplete sets from 

A cover missing a bottom matches up to an old serviing plate from


From Aa muffin tin to an office tin from

Sweet idea for an old fashioned sugar dispenser!  Tada--Handy String dispenser.

Plate and candlestick--what else could you do this with? bowl? Wine glass? A fun idea and conversation piece!!! I think it would work with any style...modern, antique or vintage.

Great use for wine rack--One way to display a rolling pin collecton.  I have seen these old wine racks used for bath towels and dish towels (rolled up), too.

One way to have A Tea Party By

Lastly,  three very creative household creations by artist Giles Eichenbaum...


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