Saturday, July 10, 2010

Take Another Look At the Book

Fun ways to recycle and repurpose books

So, you thought books were just for reading? Why not try a book bookshelf!

When it comes to book recycling, you need to read between the lines. Here are some unique projects to repurpose books that are quite simple to create.

The following bookshelves are a great way to display favorite books. Why not use books on a particular topic, such as cookbooks in a kitchen, children's books in a child's room.

recycle repurpose old books


repurpose resuse upcycle old books

I love that they used bird books to create these fun bird houses! These are too nice to hang outside, but would be lovely in a book shelf! Make one for a gift to a book lover. Make one for a child's babies room out of children's books.

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A simple way to make a book safe. Great for a book with missing pages!

repurpose resuse upcycle old books

This book idea is a little more extreme and complicated. Though clever. It would be cute made of romance novels or tv guides!

repurpose resuse upcycle old books

A book bar---one way to reuse college textbooks or encyclopedias that are outdated! You could make a top from a wood plank, glass or counter top for a more upscale look!

repurpose resuse upcycle old books

Have fun repurposing your old books! Try to use books that cannot otherwise be recycled or given another good reading!

Other ways to recycle books:

OK, you made a book chair and book bar and you still have a slew of books that you need to recycle, what do you do?

  • Give excess books to your library, they usually take books for book sales.
  • Schools and daycare centers are often happy to take your outgrown children's books.
  • There is always a book drop, swap shop in your recycle center or the thrift shop, too.

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