Sunday, October 17, 2010

Put a Cork In It...Or On It! Recycle.

A lot of fun ways to recycle corks and upcycle your life!
By now you have seen the usual upcycled cork board...but who knew that you could make furniture, birdhouses, trivets, wall base boards, baskets and even a jacket from corks.

Here is the best collection of cork upcycle ideas I could find.  Some are easy and some beyond even me!


Oh so simple and a nice way to remember a special occasion!

Make cork stamps!  Great for the crafty ones and kids.

Wine Glass Charms from Planet Green

Bring a wine bottle to a friend in one of these Wine Bottle Holders! How festive. From Etsy.

Cut them up. Use these for the bottom of items like vases and lamps so that they won't scratch your table,  or put them behind photographs to level them on the wall.
A cork basket...Bring it to a friend with a bottle of wine and a chunk of cheese
A cork Tray...nice way to show off your cork collection that is functional and can update an old tray.  Tray the same with a tabletop!
They must have glued corks to a ball.  Nice looking!  A bowl of these would be nice, too.
This is cute for the holidays...why not add photos and make a year round photo board.
Another wreath idea ...  There is a "how to" video for this here

 A chair made of 3,000 corks. From the Gabriel Wiese gallery  
A comfy place to sit during a wine tasting Party! comfy is this to wear.  For the wine steward? From Yemma Hart, in Missouri

Perhaps one piece de resistence is ths a truck by artist Jan Elftmann, which is covered in 10,000 corks. She also had a display of her Cork Bowling Alley at the Minneapolis Institute of Art click through to her site for videos and more of her art.

Of course we could not end without a cork board!

....Oh and a cork stopper for the push pin holder for your cork board.

So, you are not at all crafty, I am told Whole Foods will recycle your corks for you, too.  Either that or put your collection on Freecyle for some crafty person to make something creative!

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A Taste for Upcycled Wine Bottles

Here's a way to recycle those expensive and not so expensive wine bottles, that lets their bouquet last for a long time.

Whether you leave on the label or take it off, there are a myriad of interesting solutions that any novice can do.  Tools you will need can range from a bottle cutter to a candle.

Have fun and create a mood that will allow your guests to taste the old world and some new upcycled charm.

Take a sip.  Enjoy the taste for upcycled Wine Bottles that we rate "Brilliant, Sweet and not so Nutty":

From as a grouping these look cool!  Just a simple bottle cutter will do.

This is a great mood light for a arty or nightlight for a kitchen or bar from  You can make your own label, too!

A little more complicated but lovely.  I have seen this with labels left on and with no added decor, also.  Used as a coin tray, jewelry catcher, butter dish..cork holder for your bar...or just plain decoration...use your imagination. From

De-lightful!  So contemporary.  Attach several color bottles together to achieve this ceiling fixture. from

From  How's that for Party Mood.  Why not a wine tasting party!

Also from Wine Bottle Candle holders...elegant enough for fine dinng.

This is of those 60's recycle favorites.  Use a bottle cutter, that's all!  This one by

From a wine Bottle wall.  You can also make one that has scattered wine bottles here and there instead ofs olid coverage...that look is nice, also.  Did you know, you can even use them as insulation this way. See greenbuilding for that info.

Love, love, love this one!  Even a small area of a bar would be nice with this idea. From

This candleholder takes a little woodworking,  but interesting none the less from

Light up a room with a prized wine from  Make it your way--old charm or contemporary!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recycle Crib Ideas That Won't Put You To Sleep

Cribs are always such a sad thing to have to toss.  Not only are we sad to see our kids grow up, but there is basically few places to give away old cribs.  I always try to give things away on freecycle or to the town swap, but what if you don't have these outlets or no one wants to take it off your hands. Mom's today are fearful of used cribs as they may have a recall or be unsafe.

So, what can you do with those old cribs to keep them from landing in a landfill? Upcycle.

Here is a fun group of recycle and refashion ideas for old cribs and playpens that won't make you or your baby cry!

Here is a no  brainer from could make a pet pen too!

from a work or utility bench that certainly can be made with a crib!

A very useful cart from

Lovely hutch with directions from

A crib bench from

For the sewing room- a thread center from

Craft station from with directions 

from country home a message photo board from Country Home
This one might be a bit funky but for a vintage feel or a treasured old family crib--fun crib shelf from HGTV

What else can you do with old cribs?

  • Suspend the sides on your shed ceiling to hang things from
  • Make a dog gate 
  • Make a fence for a small garden
  • Use it as a trellis for hanging vines
  • Make a garden bench
  • Put 2 sides together and make a sturdy clothes dryer

Let us know what you have done!

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