Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recycle Crib Ideas That Won't Put You To Sleep

Cribs are always such a sad thing to have to toss.  Not only are we sad to see our kids grow up, but there is basically few places to give away old cribs.  I always try to give things away on freecycle or to the town swap, but what if you don't have these outlets or no one wants to take it off your hands. Mom's today are fearful of used cribs as they may have a recall or be unsafe.

So, what can you do with those old cribs to keep them from landing in a landfill? Upcycle.

Here is a fun group of recycle and refashion ideas for old cribs and playpens that won't make you or your baby cry!

Here is a no  brainer from could make a pet pen too!

from a work or utility bench that certainly can be made with a crib!

A very useful cart from

Lovely hutch with directions from

A crib bench from

For the sewing room- a thread center from

Craft station from with directions 

from country home a message photo board from Country Home
This one might be a bit funky but for a vintage feel or a treasured old family crib--fun crib shelf from HGTV

What else can you do with old cribs?

  • Suspend the sides on your shed ceiling to hang things from
  • Make a dog gate 
  • Make a fence for a small garden
  • Use it as a trellis for hanging vines
  • Make a garden bench
  • Put 2 sides together and make a sturdy clothes dryer

Let us know what you have done!

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  1. Love your repurposed baby bed! I linked to it from my blog:) Hugs and Blessings! ~Cheryl

  2. Love this post! We'll have an empty cot in a few months, alas the baby has kind of gnawed on it so I doubt it'd be much good to give away. It'd be nice to be able to repurpose it somehow.

  3. I turned one of our old cribs into a compost bin. It's a 3 sided open air bin, lined with chicken wire. Easy Peasy... I just took some "L" brackets from the hardware store and a few deck screws. Cut the crib to size (I shot for 3x3, but it's closer to 2.5x3') and then staple on the chicken wire. I love it, but I wish I had used one of the stained cribs, not a white painted one. The paint is falling and chipping off into the compost!

  4. I had a bench made out of my crib that my mother had kept since 1959!! Love it too, still can't believe she kept if for this long!

  5. I see old cribs for sale at thrift stores sometimes, and they're usually cheap cuz nobody wants them for I will be snatching up the next one I see!