Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Taste for Upcycled Wine Bottles

Here's a way to recycle those expensive and not so expensive wine bottles, that lets their bouquet last for a long time.

Whether you leave on the label or take it off, there are a myriad of interesting solutions that any novice can do.  Tools you will need can range from a bottle cutter to a candle.

Have fun and create a mood that will allow your guests to taste the old world and some new upcycled charm.

Take a sip.  Enjoy the taste for upcycled Wine Bottles that we rate "Brilliant, Sweet and not so Nutty":

From as a grouping these look cool!  Just a simple bottle cutter will do.

This is a great mood light for a arty or nightlight for a kitchen or bar from  You can make your own label, too!

A little more complicated but lovely.  I have seen this with labels left on and with no added decor, also.  Used as a coin tray, jewelry catcher, butter dish..cork holder for your bar...or just plain decoration...use your imagination. From

De-lightful!  So contemporary.  Attach several color bottles together to achieve this ceiling fixture. from

From  How's that for Party Mood.  Why not a wine tasting party!

Also from Wine Bottle Candle holders...elegant enough for fine dinng.

This is of those 60's recycle favorites.  Use a bottle cutter, that's all!  This one by

From a wine Bottle wall.  You can also make one that has scattered wine bottles here and there instead ofs olid coverage...that look is nice, also.  Did you know, you can even use them as insulation this way. See greenbuilding for that info.

Love, love, love this one!  Even a small area of a bar would be nice with this idea. From

This candleholder takes a little woodworking,  but interesting none the less from

Light up a room with a prized wine from  Make it your way--old charm or contemporary!

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  1. I saw a photo of someone who made a carport wall with rebar posts. They drilled holes in the bottoms of the bottles and just stacked them alternately right side up to upside down to to right side up. It looked like a spooled post. It was very cute with the sun shining through them.

  2. i sooo love these blog its soo creative