Sunday, October 17, 2010

Put a Cork In It...Or On It! Recycle.

A lot of fun ways to recycle corks and upcycle your life!
By now you have seen the usual upcycled cork board...but who knew that you could make furniture, birdhouses, trivets, wall base boards, baskets and even a jacket from corks.

Here is the best collection of cork upcycle ideas I could find.  Some are easy and some beyond even me!


Oh so simple and a nice way to remember a special occasion!

Make cork stamps!  Great for the crafty ones and kids.

Wine Glass Charms from Planet Green

Bring a wine bottle to a friend in one of these Wine Bottle Holders! How festive. From Etsy.

Cut them up. Use these for the bottom of items like vases and lamps so that they won't scratch your table,  or put them behind photographs to level them on the wall.
A cork basket...Bring it to a friend with a bottle of wine and a chunk of cheese
A cork Tray...nice way to show off your cork collection that is functional and can update an old tray.  Tray the same with a tabletop!
They must have glued corks to a ball.  Nice looking!  A bowl of these would be nice, too.
This is cute for the holidays...why not add photos and make a year round photo board.
Another wreath idea ...  There is a "how to" video for this here

 A chair made of 3,000 corks. From the Gabriel Wiese gallery  
A comfy place to sit during a wine tasting Party! comfy is this to wear.  For the wine steward? From Yemma Hart, in Missouri

Perhaps one piece de resistence is ths a truck by artist Jan Elftmann, which is covered in 10,000 corks. She also had a display of her Cork Bowling Alley at the Minneapolis Institute of Art click through to her site for videos and more of her art.

Of course we could not end without a cork board!

....Oh and a cork stopper for the push pin holder for your cork board.

So, you are not at all crafty, I am told Whole Foods will recycle your corks for you, too.  Either that or put your collection on Freecyle for some crafty person to make something creative!

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  1. TerraCycle will rebate 2 cents per cork for charities. It's a great fundraising opportunity if you ask local restaurants, wine shops, etc to join in.