Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be A Sport And Recycle

People use their creativity to recycle and upcycle all kinds of things and make something useful and clever, so why not sporting goods!  So, next time you have some leftover sporting goods.  Think Upcycle. Even Re-cycle! You can be a winner.

Here are some fun samples of sporting goods, gone green, that deserve an olympic medal:

Upcycled Skis make a chalet warm 'n cozy with this coat rack from Trash to treasure

Bicycle gears are made for this clock...wonder if it ticks? By Liz on Etsy

By far one of my favorite Bike clocks. What turns the spokes or the hands? From Cool Material

 Hockey puck door knob scores big from Doorknob.com
Skateboard picnic table is a trick that won't have you doing a tailside

The classic bicycle planter.  This is one, one never tires of riding by

Another clever use for skateboards-perfect for an upstairs kids room that won't make them board. From Ecoscraps.com

The boat planter makes a garden that's smooth sailing.  From Kelley Loves Wordpress

This ski lounger is quite clever and colorful for Apres Ski from Epikski.com

The bike rim rack won't have your head spinning looking for a pan. Perfect for the bachelor home or college apartment. From Wordpress


  1. I love the collection you put together. Upcycling is what inspired me to start creating functional art!

  2. Love the coat rack, You collection is great.