Saturday, December 4, 2010

The R's of Gift Wrapping Save Green

This year when you are wrapping all those gifts be creative!  All the while, you will be saving Earth and saving GREEN.  Use reusable bandanas, scarves, dishtowels, shopping bags, baskets, containers and other creative options to package up your precious presents.  Don't forget kids art work, music sheets, newspaper, vintage ads, brown paper bag etc.

Try covering a box in momentos and photos that pertain to a friend. Items from their favorite places or a trip you had together.  Adorn it with Moms buttons,  junk jewelry and pictures of her kids.  Think out of the box and into the person!

Not so creative?  Use old maps, recycled wrap, food boxes, food storage boxes, covered baking pans, or cans. Basically the sky is the limit.  Draw on it, cover it or just add a bow.

Here are some fun ideas to spark your creativity:

The newspaper wrap.  This is lovely!  Try using the funnies, too.

From Eyestigmatic.Blogspot jewelry containers

From Green Earth Goodies  Map Wrap

from Urban Woods Walker The juice box box

From Michelle Kaufman Recycle Art the wine rack.  There are many other upcycled wine rack ideas out there!
From  Katies Nesting Spot an upcycled chocolate box, tin or oatmeal container

A reusable shopping bag--add a bow!

Memory box by Just Picture This

The furoshiki (wrapping cloth) originates from Japan Check out the tutorial at Instructables.


Another cute upcycle idea...old patterns found on Flicker.

make boxes

Make your own boxes from  Ideas and patterns to make these and many more.

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