Friday, September 24, 2010

Sew...You Want to Recycle

Sew simple ideas to help you reshape, remake, repurpose and refashion things for your sewing room.

There are some simple things you can do like make tables from your old sewing machines, frame doilies and vintage needle packages that bring nostalgia to a sewing room or sewing area.  Here are some irresistible ideas for organizing and decorating that will make you want to find a place for a sewing area even if you don't have one!

 Love this idea from, A used crib side makes a great holder for threads or ribbons-Just add nails!

Jars and tins make great containers for small items like buttons and pins

Utensil trays make a perfect organizer for sewing threads and other items.  There are some pretty nice vintage wooden ones out there, too

This is perfect for a guys sewing area.  A fun gift for the single male.  A truck pin cushion!  What else could you make into a pin cushion?

Here' a great idea for a portable sewing center, use a vintage suitcas, it's  attractive to display and small enough to put under a bed.

And from another suitcase version with dowels for thread or to hang things

More jars--always great for the home crafter

An old organizer--who say it needs to be just for tools?  A vintage tool box would work as a sewing kit for a the single guy, too!

Old spice rack and bottles-perfect for sewing items and baubles.

Display old laundry items...adding to the vintage clothing theme.

Frame an old sewing ad or needle packet as decoration

hang a clothesline for vintage kids clothing or works in progress from!


  1. What fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing. I recently cleaned up my sewing room by taking the piles off my surfaces, organizing them into groups (mending, totes, headbands, etc.) and putting the piles into "green" grocery bags identified with a photo. I put the bags under the counters so now I have some work space again! (Photos on my blog.)

  2. These are great! Love the suitcase idea most of all.

  3. I am trying to make my one sewing room I love your ideas.Thank you for shearing.

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